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Comparar Modelos

Arneg is partner of Super Rossetto in Reggio Emilia

New life to refrigeration in the great reopening

Reggio Emilia, 12 October 2017.

In the previous "L'Affare è" mall space located in Pasteur Avenue in San Maurizio, it now appears the Super Rossetto sign. In a duly modified area, now enlarged and embellished, the yard opened in early June has been replaced by a clear transformation, result of months of hard work. The previous 1,500 square meters of sales space has been increased to 2,500, reaching the 5,000 if considered the entire covered area.

Arneg, long-time partner of the distribution giant Rossetto Group, is proud to have contributed to the commercial refrigeration of the store with its serve-over counters and cabinets: vertical multi-deck LISBONA 2, serve-over counters SYDNEY 3, open semi-vertical MELK, combined PELICAN, vertical glass-door ASTANA, rear service-cabinets LOSANNA 2 and open islands TARBES. Colorful and versatile, the Rossetto format is immediately recognizable thanks to its bright and vital yellow.

But if we are talking about a “new” store, what is the novelty among Arneg furniture?

Here in Reggio Emilia, the traditional Rossetto layout has been enriched in the meat department by the insertion of MELK, the semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets (H125 and H150 models), and by the LISBONA 2 series which houses fruits and vegetables, fourth range food, cold cuts and dairy products both in the semi-vertical model that in the more capacious vertical multi-deck.

Moreover, behind the scenes, the CO2 SUBCRITICAL REFRIGERATION SYSTEM works nonstop, as well as the COLD ROOMS supplied by the Arneg Group subsidiary Incold.

A new adventure has begun and, also thanks to Arneg, Super Rossetto brings quality and convenience in Pasteur Avenue with a complete assortment for all departments: fresh bread and pastries produced in the in-house laboratory, gastronomic products with regional specialties of land and sea, warm or cold ready-made meals, fresh and frozen fish, the inevitable frozen food, an extensive wine cellar, a bar with snacks and dishes...

What more could you want from a supermarket?

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