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Comparar Modelos
Comparar Modelos


The distinctive format caring for the environment

Aspiag Service inagurated a new Eurospar store in Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza, North East Italy) a few months ago. After the usual ribbon cutting, a new story made of quality and hospitality began.

Built using local companies and following the characteristic format for Despar Nordest, the new supermarket has a sales area of 1,450 square meters, on which lays the refrigerated furniture by Arneg, long-time partner of Aspiag.

The Salzburg serve-over counter and the Losanna 2 rear service cabinet can be found at the served area; for fruit and vegetables there is Lisbona 2; Pelican and Toronto are together in the frozen department; the semi-vertical cabinets of the Velden line stand in the self-service area for pre-packed products such as cold cuts, gastronomy and fresh pasta; Laguna is as usual used for fresh fish; finally Rodi and Santiago 2 are available.

All together they offer a high load capacity, high product visibility and a unique recognizable style, made of elegant and essential finishes, in pure "Eurospar style".

The extreme customization is Arneg's real strength... and it shows!

But in addition to the layout of the store, which is very well organized, customer care is also expressed through the low environmental impact choices made by Aspiag, including the adoption of highly efficient transcritical CO2 plants, again branded by Arneg.

The entire cold chain is monitored 24 hours a day thanks to a remote management that can measure energy consumption and alert in case of a malfunction. In addition, the heat produced by the refrigerated furniture is reused for hot sanitary water and for air-conditioning, recovering it entirely.

This tells us that behind the smiles and availability of the staff, always professional and helpful, there is a world of conscious choices willing to improve customers' quality of life in an active, practical and consistent way.

That is the change we like.

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