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Comparer les modèles
Comparer les modèles


Discover this new Arneg Deustchland realization in Herne

EDEKA is one of the leading food retailers in Germany. Founded more than a century ago, it was able to find along the years the perfect mix between merchant tradition and modern entrepreneurial approach.

It covers any type of store, from discounts, to local shops until wholesale. EDEKA directly produces fresh bakery and meat products, in addition to several own brands of packed goods.

The attention to ecological responsibility and food waste reduction are proven by continuous commitment to the resource-saving and holistic optimisation of packaging management and the development of a specific preservation process for fresh food in order to extend its life.

Among the latest supermarkets opened under the Edeka Krüger brand is the one in Herne, Germany, for which Arneg Deutschland has been selected as high reliability partner.

London 3, Astana LX, Toronto 4P, Santiago 2, Osaka 3 LX and Sendai 2 families have been wisely mixed to obtain the ideal layout to guarantee the best shopping experience. A CO2 rack supplied by IKT, German company new member of the Arneg Group, powers all of them.

Let us give a more detailed look at the products installed:

  • SENDAI 2, highly versatile promotional island, available in semi-vertical models with adjustable inner shelves. With reduced front and side impact, the design is simple, transparent and functional.
  • TORONTO 4P, low temperature twin island for frozen food featuring new straight finishes for a modern and interesting feel, ideal for medium to large sales outlets.
  • LONDON 3, serve-over counter line created to complete the customisation of assisted selling options for modern stores, assuring perfect store fittings. The front finishes can be customised with various types of materials like wood, stone, metal and fabric.
  • OSAKA 3 LX, vertical refrigerated cabinet with glass doors, equipped with low consumption fans, latest generation LED lights, thin and adjustable shelves, "full vision" doors, and Arneg Air System technology, the exclusive Arneg patent that guarantees no more defrosting: -37% energy consumption and a constant temperature.
  • ASTANA LX, low temperature vertical cabinet designed to enhance the look of frozen products, thanks to its glass-doors that allow an 8% larger display area than standard and a higher load capacity too.
  • SANTIAGO 2, vertical refrigerated cabinet with swinging glass doors. With its special unheated glass and low-energy electronic fans guarantee significant savings in refrigeration consumption compared to the open version of the same model.

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