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Comparer les modèles
Comparer les modèles

Arneg España with Casa Ametller, Barcelona

Wood and transparency in the Castelldefels shop

Three months after its opening, the Ametller Origen shop - better known as Casa Ametller - in Castelldefels, Barcelona, continues to successfully serve its customers.

Spread over 1,200 sqm, the Casa Ametller references are displayed in an environment with a natural touch. Nature is recalled by the warm presence of wood that is present everywhere, even on the shelves of the refrigerated units in the dairy area, and accompanied by the elegance of glass, thanks to the transparency of the serve over counters, doors and glass handles of the vertical refrigerated units.

Entering here is like walking into a large chalet, familiar but at the same time contemporary. The feeling of "home" is a characteristic that Arneg also tries to convey with its work, represented here by the new LX line in the models:

  • OSAKA 3 LX, multi-deck wall cabinet with doors, it can be fitted with low consumption fans, latest-generation LED lights, slender adjustable shelves (up to 8), "full vision" doors, and Arneg Air System technology, the exclusive Arneg patent that does away with the need for defrosting and guarantees -37% energy consumption and constant food temperature.
  • NIMES LX, vertical multi-deck plug-in cabinet, negative temperature, it is extremely silent in operation and uses R290 natural gas for lower environmental impact and greater sustainability. It guarantees high-impact presentation thanks to an oblique, 3D-effect pillar. Stepped shelves optimise illumination and product visibility.
  • PANAMA 3 LX, an essential and functional, positive temperature, vertical multi-deck cabinet. The Panama 3 LX can be fitted with a wide range of accessories, including price holders, stop rails, partitions and ultra thin adjustable shelves suitable for all types of packaging and designed for more versatile display combinations.

And alongside the LX line we also find:

  • KORINTHOS 3, the serve over counter developed to optimize the display area while respecting the dimensions of a traditional display case. It exalts the visibility of the goods and ensures a more complete view. Ideal for the display of deli meats, cheese and fresh meats, it combines the functions of assisted service and self-service in a single cabinet.

Behind all of this, the transcritical CO2 refrigeration system lightens the environment, thanks to its eco-friendly gas and, at the same time, ensures high performances, in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the store.

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