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Two days of discussion on the future of refrigeration in Europe

The last ATMOsphere Summit, dedicated to Europe, which was held in digital format on 28 and 29 September, was packed with content.

The meeting was an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the latest technological and market trends, evolutions in terms of design and regulations, and the impact of choices on people's wellbeing and climate change.

The focus was on the potential of integrating refrigeration systems with HVAC and heat pumps, on whose benefits Andrea Cusin, Technical Account Manager of Arneg S.p.A., also took the floor.

Marc Chasserot, founder of ATMOsphere, summed up the event with closing remarks. In recent years, innovation in this field has been so important that the best practices no longer concern refrigeration alone, but the entire energy management system as a whole. The technological solutions on offer are increasingly able to meet stringent requirements in terms of climate and specific needs, and increasingly improve efficiency and cost management.

Natural refrigerants are the future, indisputably; there is no longer any reason to make different choices and Europe is at the forefront of this process of change ahead of the rest of the world.