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Comparer les modèles
Comparer les modèles

CO2: The store of the future is now

Discover Globo and Mini Booster

The store of the future will be smaller and more like a neighborhood shop able to combine the physical and digital channels in the best possible way. Understanding this trend, Arneg proposes innovative refrigeration systems capable of adapting to all store formats, even the smallest ones.

But even small shops have a great need: to reduce costs while respecting the environment.

CO2 is the best refrigerant to guarantee both energy savings and to ensure a reduction in the impact the retail industry has on the environment. In addition, CO2 complies with international regulations that are steadily imposing limits on the use of synthetic refrigerants. It is low cost, available everywhere and suitable for heat recovery.

In this context, Arneg presents Globo and Mini Booster: two transcritical CO2 systems suitable for small and medium stores.

Why choose Globo and Mini Booster?

  • 2 in 1: medium and low temperature functionality from the one circuit
  • Compact: smaller footprint, ideal for small spaces
  • Efficient: economical and effective even in mild climates
  • Heat recovery: for domestic hot water and heating systems

But it is not all.

Whatever the size of your store, Arneg has the right CO2 system for you.

For small and medium stores: the subcritical CO2 refrigeration system BPC and MPC and the transcritical CO2 refrigerant unit HCP.

For medium and large stores: Booster, the transcritical CO2 refrigeration system and HPM, the subcritical CO2 system.

Discover now all the Arneg CO2 solutions!

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