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Dalmatia Tommy Arneg
The sustainable supermarket in the pearl of Dalmatia

Tommy, one of the largest and best known supermarket chains in Croatia, has recently opened a new shop in the city of Makarska, the pearl of the Dalmatian Riviera.

The hypermarket with 1680 square metres of sales area is located within the SPOT Shopping Mall and offers an all-round shopping experience for both its resident customers and the many tourists who visit the beautiful seaside resort every year.

The shop, furnished by Arneg, is the first of the Croatian supermarket chain, which, in addition to having a concept that focuses on promoting local products, also aims at environmental sustainability.

In fact, in the various product areas such as butcher shop, fish market, delicatessen, fruit and vegetables and frozen food area, Arneg has furnished the shop with:

  • Berlino 3, the vertical multi-deck cabinet used to display fresh fruit and vegetables and characterised by great brightness and easy access to the product;
  • London 3, the serve-over counters used to highlight local products such as fine cuts of meat, cheese and fresh fish;
  • Lisbona 2, in the vertical version used for displaying drinks and in the semi-vertical version suitable for cheeses and cold meats;
  • Daytona, the plug-in semi-vertical version, which, thanks to the maximum transparency of the materials, allows the products to be seen in all their parts;
  • Mini Colonia 4P, the closed island suitable for frozen food;
  • Pelican 6P, the combined cabinet perfect for a double display of frozen foods and with easy access to them;
To refrigerate all areas of the point of sale Tommy has chosen Booster, the efficient CO2 transcritical system able to guarantee, thanks to the use of natural refrigerants, the freshness of the products on display while reducing, at the same time, the environmental impact.

Last but not least, in order to ensure a better functionality of the sales area, fast self-service checkout counters have been installed in the hypermarket, to speed up payments.

If your next holiday destination is Dalmatia, you must visit this new shop!

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