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In Vantaa, Finland, we discover the potential of professional renovation

The K-Citymarket store in Vantaa, on the northern outskirts of Helsinki, is the chain's flagship store and was recently named Best Market of the Year 2021 in Europe by the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) classification.

With a surface area of around 7,000 m2, of which almost 5,000 dedicated to groceries, the store originally opened in 2011 was recently inaugurated after a major renovation process focused on experientiality, sustainability and fit-for-the-future approach.

There are a number of prominent distinguishing features that qualify the renovation of Kesko in Vantaa, making it a pioneer in the retail world. In the fresh groceries department, the store houses Finland's first hydroponic herbs greenhouse, so that it can always offer products of exceptional freshness that are totally sustainable. There is also the first hypermarket-based brewery, with a production capacity of 50,000 liters per year. Continuing with the largest selection of ready-to-eat culinary specialties from the menus of 16 different restaurants. And finally, the largest area of solar panels to cover a single building in all of Finland, to supply energy needs of the entire store.

The entire shopping experience is meticulously designed. Each area is clearly identified by large, visible signs, and differs from the others in its choice of layout and finishes. The fresh area resembles a greenhouse, with wooden finishes enriched by real plants; the layout of the sweet department is reminiscent of a candy store, with colorful coverings and light games. In this warm and welcoming context, the quality of the product is never compromised, thanks to the collaboration with a tight network of local suppliers and the partnership with the most important players in the food sector in Finland.

Arneg, in collaboration with its subsidiaries Arneg Nordic, Viima and Oscartielle, has taken the opportunity to take part in this wonderful project with the installation of counters belonging to different product families, including LONDON 3, MALAGAALICANTE vertical bilateral multi-floor for the display of beverages, SAMARALAGUNA for the display of fish, NICOSIA in the dry version ideal as a promotional drawer to be placed in front of the serve-over counters for cross merchandising, and MINI ARKA.

In addition, the innovative hydroponic greenhouse that welcomes visitors at the entrance of the store with its minimalist design, was designed and built entirely by Viima, an Arneg Group company based in Finland.

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