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Comparar Modelos

Barnes Gallery with Arneg for a new vision of the lunch break

Barnes Gallery with Arneg
Choose, heat, enjoy... in complete safety!

“Contemporary Space and Food”: this is the definition that Barnes Gallery gives of itself and, on entering, it is precisely modernity that is the first characteristic to strike. Inaugurated at the beginning of November of this very special 2020, Barnes Gallery is a totally new concept of food service, born from the need to transform the crisis into an opportunity.

The creator and founder, Francesco Barnes, in fact, is an example of genuine local entrepreneurship, able to seize the moment and adapt to the "new world" that is slowly changing around us. From his experience in Chalet Banqueting was born this space of pure innovation at Palazzo Sarmatia, in the heart of the frenetic industrial area in Padua, Camin area.

Barnes Gallery has brought a wave of innovation to the traditional lunch break concept: here, in fact, it is possible to enjoy gourmet dishes at affordable prices, but above all in total safety, respecting anti-Covid rules, while maintaining the pleasure of a relaxing break in a welcoming environment.

The procedure is very simple: you enter welcomed by Arneg's refrigerated islands, you can enjoy with your eyes - even before your palate - the long series of dishes proposed by the chef in special "Gourmet Food Boxes" positioned in order from appetizers to desserts, you choose what you want to eat, you heat it up in the practical microwave ovens and... enjoy your meal!

The space is a mix of colours, shapes and works of art that coexist with an eccentric design location, created by a local artist and interior designer; all completed by the neat, minimalist aesthetics and prompt functionality of the Arneg Group's refrigerated equipment:

  • Arneg's Sendai 2 islands host the food boxes,
  • the Dione vertical counter by Oscartielle keeps water and drinks cool,
  • behind the scenes, Incold's Multisystem cold room works 24 hours a day to keep the highest quality raw materials intact.

But what are these Gourmet Food Boxes?

Recyclable paper packages containing Chalet Banqueting chefs' creations, made with the freshest products such as meat and fish, traditional Italian dishes, stuffed and homemade pasta, vegetarian dishes, as well as light choices for a quick meal, or gluten-free, for celiac and intolerant people.

In the evening, the venue changes appearance and becomes an exclusive space for events and conferences with a chef available for elegant banquets: from an aperitif among colleagues to a gala dinner, or for a company party.

To complete the offer, the unfailing take-away and home delivery services, even on weekends.

The Arneg Group wishes good luck to all the staff!

May this be just the beginning of a new way of experiencing good food, safely and - why not?! - that could remain a clever format even in a contingency-free future.