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Comparar Modelos
Comparar Modelos


Arneg Italy and Arneg Korea in the heart of the capital of the Philippines

The synergy between Arneg companies is once again a founding element for the Group. Arneg Italia and Arneg Korea have collaborated closely for the creation in Manila of the Landers superstore, a Filipino retail chain famous for the liveliness of its points of sale not only as places for shopping, but also for meeting and sharing among family and friends.



For this project, Arneg has deployed the versatility of the LEIDEN refrigerated display case, which, with the essentiality and compactness of its sloping structure, offers diversified display opportunities for fresh food products such as fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, cold cut and cheese, as well as pastries.

Alongside it, in strategic points of the store, we have DAYTONA, which combines the island with the vertical display case, allowing products to be arranged both in the lower basin and in the upper shelves, offering greater loading possibilities with the same floor space.

Cabinets from SAPPORO, LAGUNA and SEATTLE ranges complete the set-up.

Arneg Koreacontributed to the realization of the project by supplying the technical elements needed to manage food products in the warehouse area, such as chillers, freezers, water pumps and evaporators.



Landers shop in Taguig, in Manila metropolitan area, was inaugurated just a few months ago; a prestigious 12,000m2 location, it is characterized by a sophisticated architecture with a view on the city's greenery and skyscrapers.

The Landers format, which has always been dedicated to families, offers a superior shopping experience thanks to the wide selection of exclusively imported and local products, with an excellent quality offer to meet every need.