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Comparar Modelos
Comparar Modelos


Vertical multi-deck & glass door, plug-in

The Nimes LX range of vertical, multi-deck and glass door, plug-in cabinets is the result of Arneg’s most advanced research and in perfect harmony with latest market trends.

Distinguished by an elegant design in a minimalist key, Nimes LX cabinets add value to the products on display and make the shopping experience more stimulating.

Nimes LX offers three different solutions for a better food display.

  • Nimes LX cabinet in normal temperature, multi-deck version. It offers a easy access to the product and all-round view. The cabinet is ideal for preserving delicate products like meat, pre-packed fish and 4th and 5th range fruit and vegetables.
  • Nimes LX cabinet in normal temperature, glass door version. The cabinet is equipped wih Arneg Air System technology to ensure a constant preservation temperature with no need to defrost. Thanks to the structure’s exceptional transparency, products are enhanced to the point of playing the lead role in a highly emotive display concept.
  • Nimes LX in the low temperature, glass door version. Large transparent surfaces combine with the latest lighting solutions to add value to the products on display. The doors, in aluminum and screen-printed finishes, provide easy access to the products.

Nimes LX is an environmentally friendly line and uses R290 natural gas for lower environmental impact and greater sustainability.

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