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Costco Las Rozas, Madrid: challenge accepted!

Costco Las Rozas, Madrid
Tailor-made cold for a torrid climate thanks to Arneg and Incold

"Ten months of winter, two months of hell". This saying contains in a few words a brief description of the climate of Madrid, certainly one of the least welcoming in Spain.

Its particular position, at 700 m above sea level, in the middle of the Meseta plateau and almost halfway from the sea, brings cold winters and a hot summer with an average temperature of 32° in July and August... but, above all, extreme peaks well over 40°.

This condition does not only disturb people and nature: infrastructures and industrial plants also suffer from this climatic change which brings many anomalies and difficulties.

So what to do for Costco?

For this complex climate, the Las Rozas de Madrid store of the well-known chain of wholesale hypermarkets asked the Arneg Group for a reliable refrigeration system that could easily withstand even the most extreme temperatures.

Arneg's engineering team responded with an ad hoc project, supplying refrigerated display cabinets, cells and a transcritical CO2 system with Adiabatic Gas Cooler.

The two cooling stations, in this case two BOOSTER units with Adiabatic Gas Cooler, are able to maximise energy savings (thanks to the water, the air entering the gas cooler gets cooled) and keep water consumption low with a dedicated recirculation system. The circuits, independent of one another, provide the same cooling power. Each one has been equipped with an air-condensed unit connected to the liquid receiver: in the event of a blackout, this maintains constant pressure in the system for at least six hours. Finally, the gas cooler in adiabatic mode is able to cope very well with summer heat waves.

To summarise, why did Costco choose a similar technology?

  1. Heat wave resistance. With the adiabatic gas cooler system and the parallel compressor, Arneg racks guarantee optimal operation even during summer heat peaks. In addition to this, the adiabatic system and the parallel compressor guarantee an increase in efficiency whilst reducing electricity costs.
  2. Energy saving. Thanks to the inverters in the compressors, it is possible to modulate the energy consumption according to the effective demand of the system.
  3. No water treatment required. The adiabatic system uses PADS panels with honeycomb pattern. This allows the use of untreated water and preserves the Cooler Gas heat exchanger by increasing its life span.
  4. Gas price. The cost for CO2 replenishment in case of leakage is 90% cheaper than a conventional HFC.
Arneg refrigerated cabinets powered by this plant, specifically chosen for Costco Las Rozas, are ANKARA and LISBONA. Essential aesthetics and ergonomics designed for the maximum customer comfort are combined with a detailed lighting design, not only for the refrigerated counters, but also for the cold rooms, supplied by Incold, and the workshops.

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