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Happy 30th Anniversary!

Manor celebrates 30 years since incorporation

19th October 1990 – 19th October 2020

This is such a huge milestone for Arneg Group and especially for Manor Concepts, the English subsidiary celebrating thirty years since incorporation.

This achievement has been possible thanks to the commitment, perseverance, and hard work of the Manor Concepts team.

Let's take a closer look at the history of Manor Concepts

1990 - The company incorporated on 19th October 1990 under the trading name of Nationalease (Huntingdon) Ltd.

1996 - The company undertook the final change of name to the current well-known and recognised name, Manor Concepts Ltd.

2015 - Manor Concepts was acquired by Arneg S.p.A. in 2015 and sees the collaboration of two forward-thinking companies that operate in different areas of the UK market. The merger has provided significant benefits to both companies as well as existing and new customers.

What are Manor's highlights?

  • Locality - Operating for over 20 years from its manufacturing facility in Sandy, Bedfordshire. Manor Concepts Ltd operates across two sites in Sandy where the company's products are made in-house.
  • Business - Manor Concepts employs over 110 staff. Combined with Arneg’s presence in the UK it is today a market leader in the country. The core business is to provide UK major retailers, convenience stores and petrol stations with new refrigerated cases as well as with refurbishment services. In addition, a strong and professional network of Arneg Group dealers contribute to promote Manor Concepts products in the UK market.
  • Values - Exceptional customer service, operational excellence, innovation in design, environmental sustainability, commitment to integrity, fairness, and responsibility. A great team and winning culture with respect for individuals in and outside the company.
  • Investments - Over the past 30 years Manor Concepts has heavily invested and continues to do it, in their people, manufacturing plant, finishing equipment and two advanced laboratories used for products development and testing.

Since Arneg S.p.A acquired Manor Concepts in 2015 Arneg have made significant investments in excess of £2.5 million, erecting a new £900k assembly hall and over £1.6 million on new plant, equipment, and computer operating systems.

There are current plans in place for 2020/2021 to further expand the Manor Concepts factory… so full speed ahead!