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Comparar Modelos
Comparar Modelos


With Arneg Russia to create the standards of the future

In December 2020, a new Globus hypermarket was opened in Moscow, on Shirokaya Street, the first of the chain located on the Moscow ring road. The total area of the shop is 22,584 sqm, of which 9,810 sqm are occupied by the shopping area. The shop was built according to the international environmental standard BREEAM and is certified with a 'very good' rating.

According to managing director Volker Schaar, "this project is special, mainly because of its location. In addition, the new shop highlights the latest innovative retail solutions, but at the same time maintains a cosy, comfortable atmosphere, having also its own production departments."

The Globus retail chain is known for its high product quality standards, but also for the quality of the materials used and, of course, the equipment.

Also for this store, Arneg deployed its utmost ability to understand customer's needs in order to realise his ideas as faithfully as possible.

For this project in particular, Arneg Russia supplied the ARLES VDB refrigerated serve-over counter for the very first time in the Russian market, installed by Globus in the delicatessen department. The display case is distinguished by its elegant and modern design. Thanks to a special construction of the glass front, the model does not require metal uprights, guaranteeing an exceptional "all-glass" view of the products.

In addition, the SENDAI 2 semi-vertical refrigerated counter has been specially designed and customised at the customer's request to display and sell packaged meat products, with a display temperature of -1/+1 °C.

In addition to the above models, the shop was equipped with:

  • VENEZIA 2 and BELGRADO serve-over counters
  • vertical units with and without doors such as PANAMA 3P, SANTIAGO P, OSAKA 3P
  • islands with remote engine TORONTO
  • GANDER plug-in islands
  • semi-vertical cabinets such as PANAMA 3P, SANTIAGO P, BELGRADO in different heights
...and many more.

With this project, Globus has created a significant new reality for the Russian retail sector, capable of setting high standards in terms of furnishing and sales organisation, also thanks to the profitable collaboration with Arneg.