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Arneg and Incold, together for the first time, supporting sustainable refrigeration

Chillventa 2022 ended with great success: 844 exhibitors from 43 different countries attracted more than 30,000 international visitors, exceeding the organisers' estimates. We at Arneg chose to join Incold for the first time at this event and were extremely satisfied!

Considering the progress and current needs of our planet, we decided to focus on the cornerstones of our sustainable proposal.


Arneg's CO2 racks, represented at the exhibition by the compact GLOBOhave for years been our flagship for the natural refrigeration of contexts requiring a remote system.

Carbon dioxide is a readily available, inexpensive, non-toxic and non-flammable natural fluid with very low global warming indexes, and we increasingly believe in its use.


We have chosen Chillventa to present our brand new, patent pending technology dedicated to plug-in refrigeration sustainability. Thanks to the ARNEG ECO RING SYSTEM, in fact, a small amount of propane is enough to refrigerate even large refrigerated cabinets in plug-in mode!

Propane is a natural refrigerant that is excellent in terms of availability and cost, with a high cooling power, and is proving to be the best ally for the development of new sustainable technologies.

We look forward to the next Chillventa in 2024 to share new insights into the future of the international refrigeration industry!


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