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A doubly safe response to machine downtime.

During the service life of a refrigeration system, stoppages can occur for various reasons, such as electrical power failure, or maintenance work on the refrigeration plant.

In the past, when faced with these situations, the operator had to carry out repairs as quickly as possible, in an effort to avoid prolonged down time that would ultimately cause a break in the cold chain. Arneg — well known for its innovative and sustainable solutions targeting steady improvement in the quality of life expected by people everywhere — uses, in case of downtime, Arneg Safe Pressure, offering a double guarantee of safety in the event of a CO2 machine downtime. Arneg transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems are equipped as standard with a refrigeration circuit utilizing pressure vessels and special pipelines designed to handle high pressures.

This enhanced specification significantly increases the level of safety afforded to the user who, in the event of a stoppage affecting the refrigeration plant, will have more time to take action, compared to traditional solutions, as the system remains stable for longer before the safety valves open. In addition, the refrigeration plant is equipped as standard with a back-up unit utilizing R134a, powered by a separate backup battery and connected to the refrigeration circuit. Should an electrical power outage occur, this ensures that the pressure of the CO2 gas stays at a level below the threshold setting of the safety valves.

Arneg Safe Pressure is able to offer the world of refrigeration long-needed assurances of constant safety for the operator when performing maintenance work on the refrigeration plant, and continuity of the cold chain, a factor of vital importance to the profitability of retail operations.

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