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The application of new technologies for a more environmentally friendly refrigeration

Another valuable meeting for the future of refrigeration was held in Tokyo at the end of June, during the 9th edition of ATMOsphere APAC. The conference brought together leading experts from Asia Pacific countries and was an opportunity to share important success stories in sustainable refrigeration management, with the aim to widespread better applications and support the preservation of the planet.

The Arneg Group was represented by Gabriele Sernani, Manager - Oversea Sales at Arneg Korea, who took the floor on two occasions, bringing real-life examples of our sustainability implementations. Gabriele described the opportunities of integrating CO2 refrigeration systems with other shop management systems. The use of carbon dioxide is not only better from an environmental point of view, as a natural gas, but also generates economic and energy savings by using emissions from the cold cycle to power other systems such as refrigeration and heating.

The applications of CO2 are many and varied: from Korea comes the example of its use as a cooling agent in charging stations for hydrogen-powered cars. In this way, two beneficial effects for the environment are combined: the lower production of emissions when using green cars and the sustainable management of charging stations.

Saving the environment is possible, we must all make an effort together to look to the future and commit to concrete actions now.


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