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Interspar inaugurates its new concept store in Carpi, Italy

The Italian retailer and Arneg refrigeration together for a better quality of life

Thursday, June 20th was a very special day for Aspiag Service...but also for Arneg!

In Carpi (Mo), Italy it has been inaugurated the new Interspar concept store: a totally new store characterized by an eco-sustainable concept based on fresh and bio products, considered by many as source of inspiration for all contemporary large-scale retailing.

The superstore, with a sales area of 2.500 square meters and with about 30.000 total references, represents for the community of Carpi and the surrounding area a new way of shopping, where services and products are closer to man and nature, making the purchase not only a simple action, but a real well-being experience.

Bio and fresh products, displayed in dedicated departments, new areas with unique atmospheres, almost resembling small village shops, are combined with completely sustainable energy solutions.

In addition, a totally innovative visual communication joins all these elements making the store communicating with the customer in a simple, direct and at the same time playful way. Through video walls and special multicolor graphics, present throughout the store, the customer can be guided in the different departments and facilitated in the products choice.

To create this new, green, clear and high quality shopping experience, Aspiag Service has chosen, once again, Arneg Group as refrigeration partner. For the occasion, Arneg has supplied the store with: new refrigerated counters characterized by a special embossed paint finish, pleasant to the touch and especially designed for the superstore; Incold cold rooms and Arneg CO2 refrigeration systems in line with the sustainability values of the new store concept.

Walking around the different shops of the store, it is possible to find: the furniture line MELK, both in the counter and in the semi-vertical version, mainly dedicated to display meat; the counter HALIFAX ideal for fresh fish; the DAYTONA and the VELDEN semi-vertical cabinet used for the self-service of cold cuts and cheeses; the vertical multi-deck LISBONA 2 dedicated to fruit, vegetables and the whole bio products; the vertical glass doors SANTIAGO 2 ideal to store dairy and "ready-to-eat" products and ASTANA 4P for frozen foods; finally the MINI ARKA TWIN 4P and RODI islands.

All the Arneg equipment offers a high load capacity, wide product visibility and, above all, great energy efficiency. In particular, the energy efficiency is given by the recovery of the heat produced by the cabinets, which is entirely reused for the production of hot water for sanitary use and for air conditioning.

Behind the scenes, to support all the architecture of the refrigeration, there is BOOSTER, the CO2 refrigeration system, able to combine the refrigeration for medium and low temperature on the same frame.

This collaboration between the world of refrigeration and large-scale retailing confirms once again that the path to follow for ensuring a better quality of life is made of respect for nature, transparency and enhancement of quality raw materials.

This is a precious heritage to be preserved not only for today's consumers, but above all for future generations.

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