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Naturally silent

In harmony with the latest market trends, which see a greater focus on local shopping, NIMES LX and LAVAL 4 compact plug-in cabinets are surprisingly silent despite their built-in motors and also deliver excellent performance, maximum product visibility and easy access.


NIMES LX open and glass-door multi-deck vertical cabinets stand out for their elegant, minimalist design. A lower bottom front panel permits a larger display area to add value to the products on display while an oblique, 3-D effect pillar gives products a higher visual impact. Stepped decks also optimise illumination and product visibility.

NIMES LX uses R290 natural refrigerant for low and normal temperature applications to ensure a low environmental impact.

The normal temperature, glass-door version is equipped with Arneg Air System technology to ensure a constant preservation temperature with no need to defrost.


LAVAL 4 open islands are the very essence of freedom. Freedom of layout, for a start, thanks to a wide range of modules. LAVAL 4 comes in six different lengths to suit the refrigeration needs of fourth range products, pre-packaged fish, ice cream, fresh milk, meat and frozen foods. Creative freedom too, thanks to almost limitless opportunities for customisation. Panels can be changed to suit the season and for specific display requirements. Wood, paint, mosaic, promotional graphics… LAVAL 4 adapts to all store styles!

LAVAL 4 islands come in low and normal temperature versions and capture customers’ attention without renouncing energy efficiency and sustainability, thanks to the use of R290 refrigerant.

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