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RESPECT is the word that has defined the history of the Arneg Group. Over the last 60 years, by actively practising respect for food, people, the environment and energy, we have developed innovative products and solutions that have revolutionised the market and that can be seen and appreciated on our new stand at Euroshop 2023. Above all, respect has created an open and evolved business mentality capable of interpreting and overcoming complex future challenges responsibly.

The concept and construction of our new stand is inspired by respect as a means to make a difference not only in the market but in the daily lives of the people of our planet. The new stand presents a modular, thematic and chromatic development along 4 guidelines – respect for food, for people, for the environment and for energy – illustrating the theme of RESPECT in detail through products, solutions and video case studies.

RESPECT FOR FOOD means caring for, protecting and enhancing food products, strict standards of preservation and food safety, waste reduction, clear information and a greener mass retail sector. The Arneg Group takes all these issues seriously and embodies them in high-performance, sustainable products and technical innovations.

RESPECT FOR PEOPLE means acting responsibly, not only towards customers, suppliers and consumers, but also towards employees and colleagues within the Group. It means applying a rigorous code of ethics as professionals and individuals within a community. It also requires transparent communications and consideration for social, economic and environmental impacts.  

RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT means a circular economy, recycling raw materials, protecting the climate and biodiversity, and products that have a low environmental impact. These themes have always inspired our Group's intensive research activities and have led to the development of technical solutions that combine excellent performance with maximum environmental sustainability. 
RESPECT FOR ENERGY stands for energy saving, research into alternative energy sources, a sustainable cold chain and clear energy labelling. It has always been a principal focus of the Arneg Group. We have invested heavily in energy and developed systems and solutions for monitoring and optimising consumption that have placed us in the vanguard of research today.  

Thanks to eye-catching but essential and contemporary stand furnishings, these four aspects of RESPECT are immediately evident. The products and solutions of the various companies in our Group – ARNEG, INTRAC, INCOLD, and OSCARTIELLE – play the leading roles on this stage and provide the focus of attention for visitors. and demonstrate that RESPECT is not an abstract concept but a form of action that brings our clear, global and forward-looking vision to life.


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