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Two displays in one for more creative layouts

At last, you can revolutionise the layout of your store.

How? With Alicante 2, the display that combines two vertical cabinets in one compact unit.

The benefits are clear: maximum display area from a compact footprint. Thanks to its innovative design, Alicante 2 reduces display footprint by 30% compared to two conventional displays placed back to back. This means you can install Alicante 2 wherever you want in the store and create the varied, functional layouts you need.

And there’s more!

Thanks to the advanced, transparent interior of this display and to the glass panels that surround it, products can be seen clearly from any angle, turning your presentation into an eye-catching spectacle that is impossible to resist.

A scenic LED lighting system ensures the attractive presentation of all products, especially cold cuts and dairy products.

Alicante 2 is ideal for medium and large supermarkets.


Minimum footprint

Large display surface

Complete transparency

Scenic lighting

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