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The attraction of transparency

How can you draw more attention to your products?

Arles displays are completely transparent and remove all visual barriers between your customers and your products.

The top structure is made entirely from glass, with no metal supports, ensuring an all-round view. The Arles range includes serve-over refrigerated and hot-case counters and towers, and self-service semi-vertical displays and counters. Arles is therefore ideal for displaying all kinds of products, including deli, meat, cold cuts, cheese and dairy, pre-packed fresh fruit and veg, bread, patisserie, fresh and pre-packed fish.

Arles also comes with SMART AIR technology for simplifying the work of store personnel. Designed for butchery sections, the SMART AIR version maintains exactly the right temperature and humidity at all times. This allows meat to be left in the display overnight, saving a great deal of time and effort by eliminating the need to move it to dedicated cold rooms. Meat can be kept in these displays for days without losing its flavour, aroma, texture and attractiveness. And because water content is kept constant, weight loss is minimised too.

Arles counters can be multiplexed, accessoried and their finish completely customised. Modules can be assembled to suit the space available and arranged to meet the needs of the store. Thanks to chamfered tops, Arles also improves comfort and ergonomics for operators.

Ideal for small, medium and large stores and speciality shops.


Maximum customisation

Version with SMART AIR technology

Complete transparency

Minimalist design

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