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The most compact CO2 system

Mini Booster transcritical CO2 systems are ideal for normal and low temperature refrigeration applications in medium size stores. Fewer compressors and more compact dimensions make these systems highly adaptable. They offer all the efficiency needed to satisfy the refrigeration needs of supermarkets and discount stores.

Mini Booster systems come with refrigeration capacities from 25 to 100 kW in normal temperature and from 7 to 20 kW in low temperature applications. They are available in both open and closed versions and are equipped with inverter controlled NT1, LT1 and parallel compressors, a liquid receiver with a backup unit and a stainless-steel high pressure circuit. They can also recover heat in order to produce hot water and heat the store.

  • Temperatura Normale / Bassa temperatura
  • Indoor installation
  • Outdoor installation
  • Compressore a pistoni
  • Condensatore remoto
  • Con ricevitore di liquido
  • Insonorizzato
  • Non insonorizzato
  • Inverter
  • R744
  • M - from 301 to 800 m²
  • L - from 801 to 1500 m²



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