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The potential of Silent Rack

SR Silent Rack refrigeration systems are ideal for use in medium and low temperature applications in small and medium supermarkets. These systems can be equipped with semi-hermetic piston or scroll compressors of 7 to 90 kW in normal temperature and 3 to 26 kW in low temperature operation. Semi-hermetic compressors with integrated inverters can also be installed as an alternative.

SR2 and SR3 systems can be installed indoors or outdoors and come in open and closed versions.

  • Temperatura normale
  • Temperatura Normale / Bassa temperatura
  • Bassa temperatura
  • Indoor installation
  • Outdoor installation
  • Compressore a pistoni
  • Compressore scroll
  • Condensatore remoto
  • Senza ricevitore di liquido
  • Insonorizzato
  • Non insonorizzato
  • Inverter
  • HFC
  • S - up to 300 m²
  • M - from 301 to 800 m²
  • L - from 801 to 1500 m²



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