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The people, the memory, the celebration

According to tradition, a corporate anniversary is celebrated with people who have contributed to its success. Thus, on May 26, 2017, all Arneg Portuguesa and Arneg España women and men met at the renovated Sintra plant to celebrate the first 40 years of the company.

The Arneg Group, represented by the General Manager of Arneg Italia - Filippo Marzaro, together with the General Manager of Arneg Portuguesa - Gianfranco Genovese, inaugurate the day by recalling the fundamental stages of the company's history. From the idea born in Italy in 1962, the first cabinet, the first rack, the first steps in the world, the foundation of Arneg PT in 1977, not forgetting the dear manager Josè Teixeira Amado, the strong contribution of Filippo Marzaro in the 90es, the birth of Arneg España... ending to talk about future projects.

Also the CEO of the Group - Roberto Marzaro - and the President Luigi Finco participate in the celebrations directly from Padua: through a video recorded for the event, they leave a message to Arneg Portuguesa that will remain over time. This to demonstrate that distance does not change feelings.

The dinner and the ball frame the end of such an exciting day. Letting go thoughts, toasts are countless and moments of sharing put people in contact.

The party is over and, at the return each participant thinks of what has been, but above all of what will be. Because that is how Arneg faces challenges, thinking that the best has yet to come! Best wishes!

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