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Arneg confirms its cooperation with the Austrian retail chain

Sutterlüty's latest opening in Gais, in Austria's westernmost region bordering Lake Constance, is dated April 2022. More than 2,000 m2 of store space dedicated mainly to the sale of local products, respecting the environment and the seasonality of farming.

Sutterlüty is a family business that has been operating in the food retail sector since the 1950s with the aim of contributing to a virtuous circle that supports both the local economy and the environment. By virtue of this vision, the chain has many ongoing partnerships with local producers and has developed a 100% climate-neutral business model.

We are proud to confirm our collaboration with this interesting reality, particularly in this shop, which has seen the installation of a mix of lines to best satisfy every sales need.


In the Sutterlüty in Gais, the refrigeration of convenience products and beverages is provided by LISBONA 2, which optimises the display space by also focusing on enhanced lighting, here in a semi-vertical version and vertical version with a double air curtain. The special low front, designed to offer better accessibility to products for customers, is a shared element with SANTIAGO 2, chosen for the storage of meat, cold cuts and dairy products. The ASTANA P model, dedicated to the sale of frozen food, and OSAKA 3Pin a back counter version with sliding doors, complete the range of vertical cabinets.

The refrigerated serve-over counters belong to the VENEZIA LX line, here also in Maxi and Semi-vertical models for the presentation of meat, cold cuts and dairy products.

Plenty of space is given to displaying products in refrigerated islands, chosen from the GANDER 4and SENDAI 2lines for normal-temperature products and the MINI TORONTO 4P for low-temperature frozen food storage.


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