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Arneg and Intrac partners in Bulgaria

The fresh look of the new Life in Cherven Bryag

Life, the Bulgarian supermarket chain known for its exemplary aesthetic and layout research, recently opened a new shop in Cherven Bryag.

As an established customer of the Arneg Group, Life Supermarkets has once again shown itself to be in step with the times with a design choice that enhances the displayed products and at the same time communicates contemporaneity and energy through characterful architecture.

The concept is based on clearly organised thematic areas that are engaging, not only because of the bright colours - a very fresh "lime green", the company colour, prevails over everything - but also for the rational and neat shopping route.

Attention is paid to detail in every area and Arneg and Intrac fit well into this contemporary atmosphere thanks to their equipment, including:

  • Laval G3 TN, the open islands with a minimalist style able to guarantee visibility and accessibility from all angles;
  • Gander G3 BT/TN, the latest generation of closed islands for maximum yield and energy saving;
  • Mini Toronto BT G4, the closed islands that can be placed side by side and with a headcase to create themed areas of any size;
  • Panama 3P, the open vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets for intelligent storage and maximum space optimisation;
  • Berlino 3, the brightest vertical multi-deck units for shadow-free visibility, also available with roll-ins;
  • Chester 2 FV, the semi-vertical fruit and vegetable counters par excellence thanks to their slim shelves with different depths and their reduced frontal impact.

A bright and fresh style dominates above everything, for a shopping experience to be lived each and every day.

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