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Il Gruppo Arneg si espande nel nord Europa

New company acquired in Sweden

Arneg NORDIC, the well established swedish subsidiary of Arneg Group, has acquired the majority of shares of FRIGADON AB.

Frigadon is based in Halmstad where has been manufacturing refrigeration units since 1977, servicing clients worldwide with a specialist refrigerated racks, condensing units, water chillers and custom designed products. It has built a dedicated production facility where all the company’s products are made and tested in house.

Frigadon has become a leader in special design and development of Hydrocarbon refrigeration units. Frigadon has been working with natural refrigerants, mainly Hydrocarbons R290 and R1270 since the mid 90’s and will extend the focus on natural refrigerants with CO2.

Over the years, it has gathered together a strong team of experienced engineers who develop bespoke and innovative new products, bringing them to market quickly. The size of Frigadon manufacturing capability of refrigerated units range from 0,2kW up to > 900KW refrigeration capacity. Product design has been developed in response to the growing importance of energy saving and the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly components. Its innovative range of specialized products are developed in conjunction with the customer request.

The merger of Frigadon AB with the Arneg Group sees the collaboration of two innovative companies that will provide significant benefits to both companies as well as existing and new customers. The knowhow and manufacturing capabilities at Frigadon AB will be able to support new and existing new and existing Arneg deales in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.

Arneg Group counts 20 factories and 11 commercial offices in 25 different countries around the globe. With a turnover in excess of €500 million, it boasts a comprehensive product range that includes cabinets, racks (compressor systems), checkouts, shelving, cold rooms, doors, plug-ins and related services.

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