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It is online the new Menu dedicated to Arneg solutions for every kind of store

Arneg presents its offer structured to respond with maximum efficiency to the needs of every type of commercial surface.

The new menu allows you to immediately reach the solutions that best suit the size of your store, from small surfaces to distribution centres.

You will be able to deepen the variety of Arneg's offer, which includes several CO2 solutions, systems with Warm Ring and Cold Ring technology, not forgetting the traditional HFC systems.

Find out more by selecting the surface area of your store!

Small Stores
The ideal solutions to install a large refrigerated volume in small areas up to 400 square metres.

Medium Stores
The options available to have more efficiency and power with your systems, in areas between 400 and 1200sqm.

Large Stores
The best of technology and solutions, to obtain excellent performance even in complex structures over 1200sqm.

Distribution Centres
The right choice also for logistics centres. There are no excessive dimensions that limit the effectiveness of the systems.

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