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Arneg Andina revamps Carulla Sao Paulo

In Colombia "A pleasure for every day"

Medellín, Colombia - It is here, in the Almacenes Éxito shopping mall, that Arneg Andina recently contributed to the modernisation of the Carulla Sao Paulo supermarket.

Everything seems to have been done in order to promote even more strongly the slogan that appears outside the shop, next to the sign: "Un placer para todos los días". "A pleasure for every day", not only for customers... now also for the environment!

In fact, the renovation has represented a considerable improvement not only in terms of the shop's appearance and offerings, but also in terms of energy performance and sustainability.


In the 1,800 square metres of sales area, there are several refrigerated cabinets and, behind the scenes, five MT refrigeration cold rooms (Medium Temperature for meat, cold meats, dairy products, fish, etc.) and one LT cold room (Low Temperature for frozen products), all powered by a transcritical CO2 system.

Carulla Sao Paulo, aware of the fact that CO2 represents today the best natural refrigerant able to guarantee energy saving and at the same time a significant reduction of the environmental impact, has chosen to use the Arneg Mini Booster rack, the MT-LT integrated system, available for indoors or outdoors installations with sound-proofed cabin and on-board electric panel.

Its configuration, in this case, provides no.2 MT compressors, no.1 parallel compressor and no.2 LT compressors providing 65kw in MT and 13kw in LT.


In addition to the rack, Carulla Sao Paulo houses several Arneg refrigerated cabinets:

  • PANAMA 3P, the vertical multi-deck cabinet for displaying pre-packed fruit and vegetables;
  • OSAKA 3P, the vertical refrigerated cabinet with glass doors used here for dairy products, sausages and cakes;
  • LISBONA 2, the wall-site self-service cabinet for packaged meat and poultry always at your fingertips;
  • BELGRADO 2, the all-glass serve-over counter, here used both for meat and fresh fish (this last one with ice bed), but also in the self-service variation for ready-to-eat deli;
  • ASTANA P, the vertical cabinet with glass doors for ice creams and frozen food;
  • SALO 4P, a low-temperature refrigerated island for packaged fish and seafood products, perfect for promotions goods.
To complete, two pieces of furniture from the Italian subsidiary Oscartielle, both operating on R290 gas (propane), another low-cost natural refrigerant with high cooling capacity:

  • DIONE, vertical multi-deck for the promotion of juices, ready meals and other packaged food
  • URANO, the closed island for maximum shopping comfort, used here for the display of frozen fruit pulp
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