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In Villalvernia for a more sustainable and efficient management

Arneg Group and Sogegross Group: a long-standing, fruitful collaboration of 26 years, which has led to the creation of the latest Basko-branded shop, which was opened in Villalvernia (AL) in June 2021.

The store is recognised as innovative in many respects, starting from the simplified format for a smoother shopping experience, which, thanks to carefully designed themed corners, allows for more authentic contact between customer and operator. Then we move on to a contemporary and original environment combining industrial style with details of the classic local market, and finally to the key concepts underlying the project: sustainability and efficiency.

The idea of Basko, from the beginning, was to present itself with a new image and different, warmer ways of using spaces, also improving them from an environmental point of view. With these clear objectives, the companies of Arneg Group worked in complete synergy: Arneg for the commercial refrigeration and plant engineering part, Intrac for the shelving and cases, Incold for the cold rooms.


Along the aisles, several areas stand out: the fruit and vegetable sector and the wine cellar, the fishmonger's area, which is the chain's flagship, as well as the delicatessen and the butcher's areas. It is here that the London 3 display case has been given special attention to its cladding, which, by contrast, differs in colour according to the different types of goods. The same colour can be found in the Velden LX self-service islands, used for the first time in the Basko format to give elegance and technical performance at the same time.

All this in a setting that evokes a covered market, with customised window frames, veils and graphics for communication in perfect "Basko style".


Besides the aesthetic aspect, which is certainly noteworthy, the most striking innovation lies in the less visible part. At the heart of the system, in fact, is an integrated eco-sustainable CO2 system that combines commercial refrigeration (cold for refrigerated counters and cold rooms) and HVAC (hot water, air conditioning in summer, heating in winter)... all powered by a single rack!

Moreover, the prevalent use of closed refrigeration units, which result in less cold dispersion, and specific air conditioning ducts installed at a height that avoids the construction of a false ceiling, have given Basko an environmentally friendly and at the same time less expensive shop.


With a view to simplifying the management of refrigeration systems and related equipment, the choice of the Arneg Group as a single supplier and operator has proved strategic. Having a single point of contact means simplified management in the event of faults or maintenance, and easier access to monitoring data. Arneg has in fact installed specific meters that, in the long term, will be a reference point for energy prediction.

Solid foundations for a path that has only just begun, but which will lead to increasingly advanced and efficient systems and management.

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