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People are a crucial element for our large family, a symbol of unity and tradition

On Friday, June 24th, 2022, in the characteristic setting of the showroom, the traditional ceremony was held to honor Arneg employees who have shown their dedication to the company through particularly longstanding cooperation.

Thirty-one colleagues from various Departments were gifted a medal or a gold plaque as a sign of gratitude for the valuable contribution they have made to the company's development.

Administrators Filippo and Daniele Marzaro stood next to President Luigi Finco, who welcomed the audience with an inspiring speech, excerpts of which we quote.

"To you who have gone a long way in the service of this company, the most heartfelt thanks for these years of loyalty and collaboration. We are here to give credit to the thirty-one employees who have served within the company for 20 and 25 years and who have contributed with their ideas, with honesty of purpose and with their industriousness, to the development and growth of Arneg [...].

At this time when the economy is destabilized by war, drought and pandemic, we need to find the principles in which to believe and the right incentives to fight and always move forward. It thus becomes meaningful to present recognition to employees: men and women who have the merit of having fulfilled their duty, of having faced life and work every day with tenacity, satisfaction and a firm belief in their values, first and foremost the family."

Sincere thanks to colleagues from all of us at Arneg!


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