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New company restaurant for Arneg Italia

Do not call it "canteen"

Tuesday, 27 February 2018.

A small buffet and the presence of the President Luigi Finco for the ribbon cutting officialize a long-awaited moment: the inauguration of the new company canteen.

Actually, the new company restaurant.

What is the difference?

On 650 square meters of space able to host 212 seats, the space has been totally redesigned and improved, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.

  • Aesthetics moves between modern and essential forms, natural materials mixed with steel. The bamboo tables are equipped with steel structures with a calamine effect to suggest the appearance of natural iron. In addition, corten steel elements with rust effect have been added to be in line with the rest of the company.

  • The functionality, on the other hand, is guaranteed by a series of adjustments:
    soundproofing reduces noise, lighting engineering with occupancy sensors allows the lights to turn on and off autonomously and save energy, the thermal adjustment of external walls and the internal coat maintain the best temperature in any season, safety exits make the room safe and adapt to standards.

  • The big difference, however, is the new arrangement of the tables in the dining room, which is now divided into two main rooms: the ground floor and the mezzanine. This subdivision makes it possible to distinguish the dining room from the distribution area, thus ensuring greater comfort for those eating and, at the same time, fluent queues for those who are waiting to pick their tray. To divide the two rooms, 20 seats have been used for the "fast lunch" desk: high tables, stools and an open view of the lounge for those who have little time and want to eat in a more dynamic place.

  • Behind everything, the kitchen.
    Spacious and improved, it has been built with attention to ergonomics and ease of movement to be comfortable for the service personnel. The staff, consisting of eight people, manages the kitchen which offers menus designed with care and attention to healthy nutrition, based on quality raw materials. Arneg's kitchen is able to cook all the dishes itself, including au naturel fruit and vegetables, without using prepared or fourth range products.

    The kitchen equipment, hot and refrigerated, has been expressly made by Arneg to meet the specific needs of this space. Bain-marie and pie warmer hot-cases, two dry counters for processing food and as supports, semi-vertical refrigerated showcases... all tailor-made.

    Another development to define it as a restaurant and no longer a canteen?

    The menu, daily and weekly, can be viewed online by guests, complete with cookbooks, list of ingredients and allergens index.
    And if words are not enough... let the photos speak for themselves!

The realisation, which lasted from September to December 2017, has been curated by Barbara Bogoni, Architect of the Milan Polytechnic and, for the technical part, by Massimo Facco, Factory Engineering Manager for Arneg SpA.

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