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Arneg Group furnishes the new Crai Extra supermarket in Pula

Enhancement of fresh and local products

"Who buy local products, makes an important choice. They guarantee themselves fresh and quality food and help the growth of the territory in which we are born."

This is one of the many messages in the visual communication of the new Crai Extra supermarket recently opened in Pula, Cagliari, Italy.

A store that represents a real concentrate of quality, freshness and above all enhancement of local products.

The supermarket, in fact, with its 1200 square meters meets the different needs of customers with entire departments dedicated to fresh, healthy and local products.

But that is not all.

Great attention has been given to the served areas, including the gastronomy and the butcher's shop. In the gastronomy, every day, customers are whetted by hot and cold dishes that enhance the flavors of the Sardinian territory, while, in the butcher shop, a real local butcher is always ready to recommend customers with the best cuts of meat.

To create this project, Crai has chosen Arneg Group as refrigeration partner, which has provided for the occasion the store with: Arneg and Oscartielle refrigerated cabinets and Incold refrigerated cold rooms.

In particular, Arneg has supplied:

  • for the butchery and the gastronomy, the LONDON 3 serve-over counter which, with its transparency and design, highlights the local meats, cold cuts and cheeses;
  • for the fish shop, the LAGUNA serve-over counter;
  • for fresh drinks, bio and ready-to-eat products, the vertical glass doors SANTIAGO 2;
  • for frozen food, the vertical glass doors ASTANA, used to ensure the widest visibility of the products on display and an easy access to them;
  • for cold cuts and dairy products, GANDER and SAPPORO TWIN islands used here to display promoted products.
But in addition to the well organized store layout, Arneg also supplied the store with MINI BOOSTER, an efficient CO2 refrigerated system that guarantees the freshness of the products while reducing the environmental impact.

For Arneg it has been a pleasure collaborating with Crai in order to create a store that speaks of freshness and contributes to the growth of the local area.

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