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Arneg S.P.A. ha acquisito Manor Concepts Ltd

The manufacturing capabilities at Manor will be able to support the existing Arneg dealer network...

Arneg S.p.A. is delighted to announce it has acquired a 100% shareholding of Bedfordshire based Manor Concepts Ltd.

Manor Concepts has been trading in Sandy for over 18 years, servicing the major supermarkets with a specialist cabinet refurbishment service. For the last 12 years, it has been developing and marketing its own range of retail display cabinets.

Since its inception, Manor has invested strongly in manufacturing and finishing equipment. It has built a significant production facility across two sites where all the company’s products are made in house.

To support this, the company invested in an advanced cabinet development and testing facility. In 2014 a second state of the art test laboratory was installed, providing Manor Concepts with the capability to test to ECA standards and CO2 on site.

Manor Concepts has become a leader in both the design and development of retail display refrigeration. Over the years, it has gathered together a strong team of experienced engineers who develop bespoke and innovative new products, bringing them to market quickly.

The company recently established two operating divisions, Manor Refrigerated Cabinets and coolsuredoors. The Manor Refrigerated Cabinets division designs and produces a range of retail display cabinets for the leading supermarket chains. The coolsuredoors business has been developed in response to the growing importance of energy saving. Its innovative range of cabinet door solutions can be fitted on both new and existing retail display cabinets.

The acquisition of Manor Concepts by Arneg sees the collaboration of two forward-thinking companies that operate in different areas of the UK market. The merger will provide significant benefits to both companies as well as existing and new customers.

Arneg was established in 1963 in the Veneto region of Italy and is immensely proud of its Italian heritage which has given it its unique character. Throughout its impressive growth, it has maintained a sensitive approach to safeguarding the environment, energy savings and respecting people.

The group has 20 factories and 11 commercial offices in 25 different countries around the globe. With a turnover in excess of €500 million, it boasts a comprehensive product range that includes cabinets, racks (compressor systems), checkouts, shelving, cold rooms, doors, plug-ins and related services.

The manufacturing capabilities at Manor will be able to support the existing Arneg dealer network giving them access to a local production and development facility, strengthening their business offering and helping them serve customers to a higher level.

The experienced team at Manor Concepts will remain in place to manage the day to day business in the UK. They are excited by the prospects of working together as part of the Arneg family to continue to develop and manufacture innovative new product ranges that will provide customers with the very best solutions.

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