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New Arneg brand campaign

The technology behind your life

What's behind the Arneg brand?

What makes it different from other brands?

What has made Arneg a leading player in the global market for commercial refrigeration?

Communicating the truth is always difficult. Especially when a company is doing the communicating.

Arneg is a sound, historical brand, more easily identified by the actions of the people who have represented it for over 50 years than by mere words. It's not easy to summarise the values behind Arneg, the values of so many people committed to shared objectives.

But the desire to communicate our identity in a clear and accurate way remains strong.

The desire to convey a real, tangible sensation that can be directly experienced, felt on the skin, and that honours everybody concerned without forgetting the dedication of any individual is the strongest possible reason for the new Arneg brand campaign.

For this advertising campaign, Arneg has chosen not to talk of a product but to communicate what lies behind its products: a world of real people. The universal language of emotions is used to transmit respect, care, dedication, commitment to continuous improvement and, above all, humanity.

Arneg uses three videos, each associated with a particular emotion, to tell three stories. Three stories of daily life, snapshots of precious moments, capable of gently touching the heart of the viewer.

Three videos for three different moods, all with a common claim:

“It only takes small gestures to make life better. And the technology to make it possible.”

The style is familiar and intimate. The objective is to shorten distances, to show the public Arneg's corporate identity and the personality behind the brand. To tell the world that Arneg's values are the values that bring us all together.

To show that, behind the technology, there's more than meets the eye.

>> Watch video no.1

>> Watch video no.2

>> Watch video no.3

All three videos will be released between September and December 2019 on Arneg's own platforms:

Arneg Italy website