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Arneg with Despar in Venice: a unique supermarket in the world

The ancient Teatro Italia hosts the new Despar in Venice

Today December 28 a new Despar store opened in Venice at Campiello de l'Anconeta.

Located a few hundred meters from the train station, the location chosen by the Aspiag Group is really unique. Opened in 1916 as a theater, then it became a cinema, and lastly a classroom of Ca' Foscari University. This ancient building is a real Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau architectural jewel. Owned by the Coin family, this building of historical interest has been abandoned for a long period and, today, after a careful restoration work, reopens to the public with a new look: that of a Supermarket.

Inside, everything is designed and adapted to the environment, respecting it and enhancing its exclusivity. Arneg contributed with all cabinets finished in black, as desired by the Superintendency for Archaeology and Fine Arts of Venice. Moreover, every piece of furniture has been promptly raised to avoid the possible damage caused by the high-water phenomenon.

On an area of ​​about 850 square meters, the SALZBURG, PANAMA, LISBONA, ASTANA and LOSANNA cabinets offer an elegant display that enhance the product and, at the same time, blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

A focus has also been the sustainability, thanks to the Subcritical CO2 System that guarantee low energy costs, high reliability and safety.

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