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The entire Arneg Group gathers for the customary year-end meeting.

Dates and location:
December 14, 2023 – "Incold and Intrac Day" at the Incold and Intrac headquarters
December 15-16, 2023 – "Arneg World Convention 2023" at the Arneg headquarters

On December 14, the first day of AWC 2023, is reserved for Incold and Intrac, the Arneg Group brands dedicated to solutions for insulation in commercial refrigeration, the food industry, and logistics, as well as custom furnishing projects through commercial and industrial shelving, checkout counters, and bespoke furnishings.

Over the following two days, December 15 and 16, representatives from the 21 production facilities, 14 commercial and service companies, and 6 representative offices of the group worldwide will gather in Campo San Martino (PD) at the Italian headquarters of the group, Arneg. During this time, they will be presenting financial data and the results achieved throughout the year.

These three days will be dedicated to meetings, exchanges, and the enhancement of synergies among the various companies, providing direction and vitality to ideas and the growth of the Arneg World for the approaching new year.

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