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Arneg World Convention 2019

All gathered to celebrate the Melting Pot

The Arneg Group's annual convention begins today, December 20.

The 20 production plants and 17 international offices are all located in the Italian headquarters of the mother company, Arneg SpA, in Padua, Italy.

The Marketing Director, Tiziana Raiteri, opens the works and, after the motivational words of the founder, Mr. Marzaro, the presentations of the day begin.

Today the speakers are all dedicated to the 2020 topic par excellence: Arneg World's presence at Euroshop 2020. This year's concept, "Melting Pot", talks about the mixture of people, cultures, know-how and technologies from all over the world, showing how this variety is the real added value of the group.

In the first part of the morning the concept, the organization, the communication plan and everything about the exhibition presence is presented.

Multiculturalism, ethics, energy, sustainability, innovation... these are the key words, not only of the scenographic setting, but also of the products, services and installations that will be the protagonists of the exhibition.

The morning is then dedicated to new products, new technologies, cutting-edge plant engineering and the services of Arneg, Incold, Intrac and Oscartielle.

Tomorrow, instead, the day will be dedicated to the presentation of the group business performances.

In the evening, the gala dinner will mark the closing of the convention and after numerous toasts, everyone will greet each other with a wish full of expectation and trust:

"Happy New Year... and see you at Euroshop 2020!"

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