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Bicocca Village Coop: Arneg cools again the Supermarket of the Future

The Supermarket of the Future presented at Expo 2015 comes alive in Milan

Since yesterday December 6, 2016, date of the inauguration of the new Coop store at the Bicocca Village in Milan, the Supermarket of the Future has become reality.

Do you remember the supermarket of the Future Food District at Expo 2015?

The most innovative shop in the world, a combination of technology and culinary excellence, born thanks to the collaboration between Coop Italy, INRES (Consortium for the Planning of the cooperative movement) and Arneg, designed by Carlo Ratti.

By entering it felt like being in a time machine. Minimalist design, elegant light and displays and especially ultra-technologic interactive panels able to provide the most valuable asset of these days: information. Using 54 monitors and 46 touchscreen totems, just like the Expo, the Bicocca Village Coop gives consumers much more than nutrition facts. The "augmented labels" associated with the products show immediately the origin of raw materials, instructions for waste disposal and current promotions. Through the use of motion detectors, it is the consumer to formulate the questions with a simple wave of the hand: indicating or raising a product, the screen responds by displaying all the information. The touchscreen totems, however, are equipped with scanners to get information about all products independently from their location.

But in a better future, alongside interactivity, they cannot be missed sustainability and practicality, both made possible by Arneg. Vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets and islands have been provided mainly closed, so energy-saving, and compared to Expo are here presented in a form that best suits workers’ needs. PRAGA LF, SENDAI, BADEN H110, LISBONA LF H150, ASTANA, MINI TORONTO make it easier to manage products, loading and cleaning operations, as well as putting in contact the consumer to a product displayed with the maximum visibility.

Coop together with Arneg thus initiates a new era, a new way to shop, made of interaction, sociality and conscious nutrition. Presenting products in this innovative way contributes to the development of a new food culture able to honor the environmentally-friendly chains and, at the same time, to bring closer even the last skeptics to a technology capable of improving the quality of life.

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