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Iper Maestoso, the market of Monza

Arneg for a skilful mix between retail and dining experiences

Here it is, the Iper Maestoso of Monza, the supermarket with that something extra that has made it one of the most discussed in the Italian retail world of recent times.

But what's more? In about 4,000 square meters there are six different restaurants, a medical center, and above all an elegant and at the same time traditional style while respecting the historical building in which it is located. In that location, in fact, all Monza residents remember the Maestoso as the cinema that, at its opening in 1978, housed the largest screen in Italy.

A record that today is honoured through an airy and light 19th century inspired design, using glass and green steel in memory of the central Paris markets of the Belle Époque.

Supermarket and catering combine for a wide proposal of fresh, ready-made and expressed dishes, able to satisfy the most demanding palates. In this proposal Arneg has participated with some of its best commercial refrigeration systems. The "all-glass" design of the structure is recalled by the serve-over counters and refrigerated cabinets, also completely transparent.

The LONDON 3 semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets and serve-over counters used for the butcher's corner look like vintage-style market counters with wooden legs, here also in the hot display case version to keep poultry and deli warm.

But we find the furniture that certainly characterizes the Maestoso the most in the self-service area, where we can feel the atmosphere of a real market: SENDAI 2, everywhere with wooden legs, here both used as an island and a semi-vertical cabinet to serve freshly baked bread, to offer pre-packed vegetables, cheeses, packaged fish, sushi and much more ... along with some LAVAL G4, more contemporary furniture, but with a neat and linear design.

MINSK 3P with ARNEG AIR SYSTEM, the vertical glass-door furniture with its huge capacity and maximum energy saving, completely transparent for the maximum visibility of the products, in spite of its size, it still remains in line with the style of the store.

In the restaurants, the PANAMA 3P self-service vertical cabinets for chilled drinks and craft beers mix skilfully with the interior design, as well as in the most healthy area, where Panama 3P in a rear-service version showcases fresh, ready-to-use fruit and vegetables.

Behind all of this, the Arneg Group also supplied cold rooms and refrigeration systems including BOOSTER, the eco-friendly rack with low energy impact. The perfect choice for a store that, with its homey style, has openly declared its intention to bring people and retail closer together, putting the person at the centre.

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