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Compact, sustainable, customisable

Laval 4, Gander 4 and Rodi 4 are Arneg’s most advanced promotional refrigerated islands. Gander 4, the green island with sliding glass covers is complemented by the Laval 4 and Rodi 4 open versions. All models have a built-in motor and are extremely silent in operation, guaranteeing a pleasant shopping experience and easy, ergonomic product access.

Ecological and highly efficient thanks to R290 natural refrigerant, these islands feature a contemporary design and can be customised to match the needs and tastes of the retailer. To ensure maximum versatility, to suit changes to furnishings and to highlight special promotions, side panels can be changed easily even after the island has been installed.

LAVAL 4 is a plug-in open island and comes in an NT version for 4th range products, pre-packaged fish, cheese, dairy and meat, and in an LT/NT version for frozen foods. With its G2 and G4 glass, the island combines high performance with unrestricted visibility and easy access to products.

GANDER 4 is a plug-in closed island with sliding glass covers and comes in NT and LT/NT versions for displaying all kinds of products. Equipped with G2 and G4 glass, and offering an unrestricted view of the products inside, the GANDER 4 is the ideal choice for a promotional display and for drawing attention to specific product categories or brands.

RODI 4 is a plug-in open island that comes only in an NT version. Thanks to G4 glass and the absence of mechanical parts, the RODI 4 offers complete transparency and all-round visibility, complemented by a contemporary design with a high visual impact. The RODI 4 eliminates all visual barriers and makes the product the focus of attention.

Available with:

  • 6 different lengths (880 - 1200 - 1500 - 1800 - 2000 - 2400 mm)
  • End unit (2000 mm)
  • Stainless steel bumper
  • Grille partitions
  • LED lighting
  • Bottom grilles
  • Wheels kit
  • Night cover

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