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Island & semi-vertical

Arneg proudly presents the new line of island and semi-vertical cabinets Velden LX.

The new line ensures the most effective promotion of excellent foods on the store and boats a contemporary style that focuses attention on the high added value of displayed products, thanks to clean lines, transparent glass and scenic illumination.

Velden LX stands out for:

  • 2 versions: island and semi-vertical with double basin and available with or without head case
  • Island: available with five different depths and one single height
  • Semi-vertical: available with five different depths and four different heights
  • Easy access to the products: for an increasingly simple and stimulating shopping experience
  • Wide range of accessories: dividers, ultra-slim shelves, bumpers, price holders and manual night blind

Velden LX line cabinets are remote and multiplexable, characterized by a great versatility and easiness of customization. They can be finished in a wide range of materials to ensure easy and attractive positioning in all shopping environments.

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