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Elegant modernization by Arneg and Oscartielle

The LX line has been well received in France, at Super U in Marmande, where the last renewal has been handled by the Arneg Group with the aim of setting up a modern and elegant retail outlet.

When entering, the very wide range of products stands out immediately: not only food, but also household products, body and health care products, books and a technological corner equipped with state-of-the-art smartphones and appliances.

But it's the fresh and frozen food area that impresses the most, with its elegance, wide and tidy spaces, self-service and served areas, cared for by expert staff within real "islands of taste": fresh fish, quality meat and cold cuts, hot and cold delicatessen... and obviously a large area dedicated to cheeses!

All areas have in common white finishes, transparent and impalpable glass and a consistent design throughout the shop, made of straight and minimal lines. The effect is that of lightness and an absolute protagonism of the products, enhanced thanks to the new LX Line represented here with:

OSAKA 3 LX, a positive temperature refrigerated cabinet with glass doors here used for dairy products. It can be fitted with low consumption fans, latest-generation LED lights, slender adjustable shelves (up to 8), "full vision" doors, and Arneg Air System technology, the exclusive Arneg patent that does away with the need for defrosting and guarantees -37% energy consumption and constant temperature.

PANAMA 3 LX, an essential and functional, positive temperature, vertical multi-deck cabinet that can be fitted with a wide range of accessories, including price holders, stop rails, partitions and ultra-thin adjustable shelves suitable for all types of packaging and designed for more versatile display combinations

The other refrigerated furniture, in line with the style of the shop, are:

  • ARLES, self-service display counter for cheeses and cold cuts, served for the deli and the butcher's and salami counter
  • TARBES, island for meat and packed gastronomy
  • TORONTO 4P, low temperature island for frozen foods
  • ASTANA, vertical cabinet for frozen food
  • RODI, the compact island for promotions
  • DIONE, the plug-in vertical cabinet with glass doors produced by Oscartielle

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