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The restoration of two statues in Prato della Valle financed by Arneg is completed

Prato della Valle, with its ninety thousand square metres, is the largest square in Padua and the fifth largest in Europe. The central part of the square is marked by a double ring of statues in Vicenza stone, a soft limestone from the Colli Berici area known for its easy sculpting and consequently its extreme perishability, which requires periodic conservative and architectural restoration work.

Arneg financed the restoration of two of the 78 statues representing famous personalities connected with the city of Padua. The characters chosen for their correlation with the history and values of Arneg are:

  • Antonio Da Rio, who lived in the 15th century, a fighting captain-general of the Church who played a leading role in various events linked to the fate of Pope Eugene IV.
  • Albertino Mussato, who lived in the 14th century, politician, man of letters, playwright and statesman closely linked to the city of Padua and its University.

The restoration work took place during the last months of 2021 and has recently been completed. With this contribution Arneg confirms its keen interest in the preservation of the local cultural heritage.

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