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Store renovation in Athienitis sees Arneg South Africa and Intrac among the protagonist

In August 2022, the Spar Athienitis shop in Harare, Zimbabwe, reopened after a renovation project that began in mid-2021 and involved an investment of USD 1 million.

We took part in this project thanks to our colleagues from Arneg South Africa, who were responsible for supplying not only the refrigeration units, but also the refrigeration system. This project was carefully designed to meet the customer's demand for a store that was energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


An analysis of the specific requirements in terms of design and functionality led to the choice of ARLESserve-over counters, PANAMA 3 LXand OSAKA 3 LXupright cabinets, and TORONTO 4Plow-temperature refrigerated counters. The open cabinets were reduced to a minimum, precisely to ensure maximum efficiency in environmental terms. It was thus possible to implement our Arneg Air Systemtechnology in the upright cabinets, further increasing energy savings.

From an aesthetic point of view, the clean steel lines that characterise most of the shop are softened in the hot and cold deli area, which sees laminate cladding in continuity with the shelving supplied by Intrac.

With regard to the refrigeration system, Spar chose to replace the previous small condensing units with a single central unit that would optimise consumption by reducing the number of motors required. Wanting to find the most environmentally friendly solution, we opted for the MINI BOOSTER, one of our CO2 power racks. With a total of 5 compressors, 3 for normal temperature and 2 for low temperature, supported by an additional parallel compressor, the power station is able to refrigerate 27 cabinets and 10 cold rooms despite the difficulties imposed by the high temperatures of sub-Saharan summers.

We are happy to have been able to take part in such an important project from the point of view of social development. In fact, this renovation activity was also an opportunity for education and technical growth for the local operators.


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