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Arneg France furnishes the new INTERMARCHÉ SUPER in Totes

A perfect mix of elegance, transparency and quality

In Totes, France, it has opened a new store of the French supermarket chain Intermarchè, Intermarchè Super.

Entering, you are immediately captured by the elegance of the supermarket characterized by a minimal but "warm" style thanks to cabinets and serve-over counters with light wood finishes. All this is then enriched by a well organized layout that offers customers maximum visibility and transparency of the products on display.

The most eye-catching area is certainly "Le marchè", a real local fruit and vegetable market, located at the heart of the supermarket. Thanks to a detailed merchandise display, you will be struck by a blaze of colours and flavours that enhance the quality of the products offered and invite you to make a purchase.

In order to guarantee maximum visibility of the various products in the store, Intermarchè has chosen Arneg as its commercial refrigeration partner.

Among the various solutions proposed stands out, certainly, the serve-over counter LONDON 3 which, thanks to its "all-glass" design, highlights the products offered in the different served areas, such as fresh fish in the fish market area, fine cuts of meat in the butcher's area, and finally, the local cold cuts and cheeses displayed in the gastronomy area.

The vertical glass door, OSAKA 3, is the cabinet chosen to enhance the cold cuts, dairy products, yoghurt, fresh drinks and IV range products.

Among the new solutions created by Arneg and proposed at Intermarchè Super, it is possible to find VELDEN 4, the semi-vertical cabinet, characterized by a totally transparent central back panels which allow a complete visibility of the goods displayed. Moreover, another new semi-vertical cabinet used in this store is DAYTONA, perfect for the sale of promotional products.

Finally, to complete the offer, the TORONTO 4P island was the winning choice to enhance frozen food.

The new Intermarchè Super is a point of sale that stands out for its contemporary design, elegant with an well- organized layout able to enhance the freshness and the quality of local products, and not only. Definitely, it's a supermarket that worth a visit.

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