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Protects customers and extends cabinet life

In 2020, among the many services offered by Arneg Service, the sanitisation of refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms and refrigeration systems is of particular importance.

Sanitisation is even more essential now that Covid19 has changed people's behaviour and placed greater emphasis on food hygiene and safety, especially in shopping environments.

Failure to sanitise refrigerated cabinets causes a whole series of problems that can, for example, lead to the diffusion of viruses (on handles), bacterial flora (circulated by the fans), and fungi and moulds (proliferated by incorrectly treated product display compartments).

Thanks to Arneg Service, your cabinets can be properly sanitised by a highly professional team of specialist operators who:

Remove and classify displayed products

in complete safety (wearing PPE and using thoroughly disinfected equipment).

Clean the cabinets

removing all surface deposits, including grease, dust, organic matter and condensate.

Sanitise the cabinets

eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts using specific, professional products.

Put the products back on the shelves

just as they were before, while checking expiry dates and arranging items in the proper order to ensure that everything is always fresh.

Certify elimination of the bacterial charge

by specific tests, and then apply a special label to show that the work has been completed successfully.

Sanitisation can be carried out with maximum flexibility, even at night or when your point of sale is closed.

Regular sanitisation and maintenance ensure that your cabinets function efficiently, consume less energy, emit less CO2 and are less subject to breakdown.

The result is extended cabinet lifetime with no loss in performance.

[ PLEASE NOTE: this service is currently available exclusively in Italy. ]

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