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The iconic Harrods’ Food Hall is furnished by Arneg

In London for the best luxury food market experience

Harrods has come a long way since that 1849, when it could still be called a “grocery store” and used to sell tea, coffee, biscuits and other products behind a single counter in the heart of London. Today it is "THE" department store, offering top quality local and international culinary specialties and being known throughout the world.

Located in the elegant and rich district of Knightsbridge, Brompton Road, in an Art Deco building unique in the world, its sumptuous food area has recently been renovated thanks to the "Taste Revolution" project, a project that has seen the rebirth of its four rooms culminating in the launch of the refined Fresh Market Hall.

Alongside the restoration of the original elements, such as the marble floor and the paneled ceilings, new refrigerated counters and new furnishings have been introduced, strictly in line with the original style, combining classic elements with a modern aesthetic.

The Baden and Halifax showcases stand out among all: veined marble and black and white finishes provide a monochrome backdrop to the colourful foodstuffs from all over the world.

The lights are at their maximum and give a real museum aura to rare and exclusive products, such as fine truffles or chocolate works of art.

Furnishings, hot cases and refrigerated furniture… everything is finely equipped and rich in details and accessories to simplify the processing techniques of all the 150 chefs on duty, such as the filleting of fish and the hand carving of fruits and vegetables.

Among all these gourmet creations, a scent comes from the fresh area, where polished fruit and vegetables are neatly arranged in the vertical cabinet Panama 3, perfectly placed between the authentic tiling from the 1900s.

After a tour between all these colors, tastings and experienced staff, it is clear that the convenience of online shopping could never exceed the pleasure of such an experience.

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