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Arneg O-fresh System

The natural way to sanitise and refrigerate for longer


The potential of ozone

Arneg O-Fresh System is the only patented, professional system that uses ozone to ensure continuous sanitisation and extend food preservation times in ventilated refrigerated displays.

Arneg O-Fresh gives you improved levels of:

  • Hygiene, thanks to the continuous sanitisation of your displays
  • Preservation, with food kept fresh for longer and less waste
  • Saving, thanks to reduced operating and storage costs
Arneg O-Fresh is environmentally safe and sustainable, uses no chemicals and consumes very little electrical power. Ozone is a natural, non-polluting element. Thanks to continuous treatment of circulating air, ozone protects the food and the surfaces of refrigerated counters. Circulating air no longer carries pathogens and display surfaces no longer permit bacterial proliferation. Food products therefore last longer.

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